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extra activities

Making your child’s day extra special

We want to ensure your child’s time with us is super enjoyable so that they come home full of great stories to tell.

That’s why we’re always trying to develop stimulating and educational experiences that will broaden your child’s mind and allow them to explore their individual interests.

Some of our extra activities include:

  • Learning Japanese: We have a native Japanese-speaking teacher at the centre.
  • Speciality lessons: Our Preschool children enjoy special lessons each term, which can be anything from a science lesson with the CSIRO to learning drama from a trained NIDA teacher. Children of all ages enjoy the world of reptiles with a reptile keeper, Indigenous Culture and dance and singing classes just to name a few
  • Sustainability: We encourage the children to work as a team to plant and look after plants and herbs and help care for our worm farm.
  • Health and fitness: We like to make staying fit and healthy fun, and include weekly sports activities, fitness lessons and Yoga
  • Special visitors: To help your child understand the world around them, we often invite special guests to come and talk to our Preschool and Early Leaning classes. Recently we’ve had firemen, dentists, policewomen, ambulance officers and posties
  • Talks and experiences: We like to broaden your child’s learning through special interactive experiences that include chick hatching, animal zoos, insect collections, reptile shows, puppet shows, gardening and talks about the environment

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